Over-The-Top 스윙을 쉽게 없애는 6가지 요령

By | 2010-06-21

6 Simple Tips To Cure The “Over The Top Golf Swing”

Over-the-top 스윙은 흔히들 Out-to-In 스윙이라고도 부르며 골프 초보자는 물론 어느 정도 익숙한 사람들에게서도 가장 흔히 볼 수 있는 문제이고 또한 아주 다양한 증상을 보이기도 해서 원인의 발견이 쉽지 않기도 하다. 앞자를 따서 OTT 스윙이라고 줄여서 말하기도 하는데 이 오버더탑 스윙의 결과로 슬라이스, 훅, 섕크, 토핑 (thin shot), 뒷땅 (fat shot) 등이 모두 생길 수 있는 가능성이 있다. 나도 며칠 전에 라운딩에서 자꾸만 공이 한쪽으로 치우치는 문제때문에 여러 홀에서 실수를 했는데 나중에 내가 자신도 모르게 오버더탑 스윙을 하고 있음을 깨닫고 막판에서야 겨우 해결한 적도 있었다. 체력이 떨어지는 시점에서는 힘이 빠지면서 몸에 대한 제어력을 잃어서 OTT 스윙을 한 경우이다. 다음에 골프장에 가서 문제가 발생할 때에 가장 먼저 체크해 볼 것은 내가 OTT 스윙을 하고 있는지의 여부이고, 만약 그렇게 의심이 되면 아래와 같은 6가지 방안을 생각해서 해결을 시도해 봐야겠다.

간단히 한줄씩으로 해석해 놓자면…

1) 다운 스윙의 시작 시점에 굽혀있는 오른팔꿈치를 바로 아래로 떨어뜨리면서 스윙한다.
2) 다운 스윙을 시작할 때 몸의 회전을 바깥쪽이 아닌 아랫쪽으로 한다는 느낌으로 움직인다.
3) 과 4)는 코스에서가 아니라 평소에 연습해야할 일..
5) 왼쪽 어깨가 아래로 살짝 내려가면서 회전을 시작한다는 느낌으로 다운스윙을 시작한다.
6) 왼쪽 팔이 항상 몸통에 가까이 있게끔 유지하면서 다운 스윙을 한다.

꽤 공감이 가는 해결책들이다.


Do you swing “over the top? If you don’t know what it is, it is a move that is common among the majority of amateur golfers, and the result is usually a slice or a dead pull depending on your clubface position at impact.

The over the top golf swing is a premature movement of the사용자 삽입 이미지 upper body before the lower body in the downswing. The upper body actually gets ahead of the lower body causing an “outside to in” golf swing. This path is the least desirable in golf.

Take a look at the picture and you get a real clear idea of what’s happening in a correct golf swing and an incorrect one. Look at the top (incorrect) one. The golfers has pulled his club wat too far inside on the take-away, and how to compensate by coming over the top in the downswing :sad: .

There are many causes of this swing fault, some of which are physical and can be easily corrrected, and some that are mechanical and with the right swing thoughts can be fixed.

1) Drop your arms. I used to swing over the top years ago, and I tried everything to correct it, including lessons with no success. Then I was watching one of my taped videos of Nick Price and saw how his arms seemed to drop in place in the downswing.

I ran to the range and tried it. My first move from the top of my swing was a dropping of my arms, the rotating. It worked! I couldn’t believe it! I just cured that dreaded swing fault with one swing thought. Give it a try!

2) Rotate down. Here’s another swing thought I’ve used if this swing fault creeps into my swing during a round. I think of rotating down toe the ball. Not out! Down. I maintain my spine angle, so I’m not literally dropping down, but I focus on rotating through that golf ball.

3) Improve rotational flexibility. One very obvious physical limitation that could be causing you to get your upper body ahead of your lower body is a restricted backswing. If you cannot make a full backswing, you will stop short and your mind will tell you, you have to turn down with your arms.

Improve your flexibility from a rotational standpoint, and you can drive your legs all day long and stay back with your upper body creating power and leverage.

4) Strong core muscles. If you have weak core muscles, you cannot maintain the adequate separation needed in your downswing. Where the upperbody stays behind for a split second, as the lower body starts to rotate. Your weak core will send a message to your brain that it cannot keep that separation, and the brain will send a message back to the body to bail out, and come over the top with your upper body. Makes sense?

5) Left shoulder down and out. Another very effective tip is if you’re right-handed, the first move down is my lead shoulder going down, then rotating. I use this one a lot. Ernie Els does this. The key is to watch how close your chin is to your left shoulder at the top of the swing, then starting down get that left shoulder away from you chin right now! That is the same as getting your left shoulder to do down and away during the initial part of your downswing.

6) Left arm close. Here’s a great tip. Notice how close your left arm (if you’re a right-handed golfer) is to your body throughout your swing? If you come over the top it goes away from your body. Try to get a feeling of your left arm staying fairly close to your body on your downswing. Don’t jam it in there, but have a sense it is in close on the downswing.

It is virtually impossible to come over the top with your left arm staying close to your body. Just try it and you’ll see what I mean. I have used and do many of these tips regularly to help me stay clear of the “over the top golf swing!” Give them a try, or if you have other tips, let us know by commenting to this post :smile: .

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